Rotating Equipments

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As a part of complete plant engineering, following are the activities being performed.

Mechanical Data Sheet Preparation, which include mechanical design calculation.
Material Requisition Preparation
Technical Bid evaluation
Inter Discipline Coordination
Vender Document Review.
3D Modeling
ASMETECH also under take the design and detail engineering of the static equipment’s meeting to the requirement of various codes and standard.
This includes, Design Calculation and Detailed Fabrication drawing with BOM.

ASMETECH undertake complete design and engineering of Rotating Equipments. Our activities include:
  • Selection
  • Sizing
  • Data sheet preparation
  • Vendor document review

Listed is some type of Rotating Equipments being handled:
  • General Industrial Pump
  • API 610 Pump & Seal Plan
  • Air Compressor
  • O2, N2, H2, CO2 Compressor
  • Blower