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Key strength of ASMETECH is Static Equipments Design. Director of the company himself has 20 long years of experience in design of Static equipments. More than 500 Static Equipments have been designed by ASMETECH since inception.
ASMETECH has extensive strength of key people for Static Equipment Design.
In Static Equipment design we cover following different type.

  • Pressure Vessel
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Reactor
  • Column
  • Storage Tanks
  • Bins
  • Silos
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Air Cooled Steam Condenser
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator

ASMETECH has undertaken Static Equipment Design using various National & International codes.

For technical information on Static Equipment

In Mechanical Engineering the word “Static Equipment” is given to any equipment which is in Static mode of motion or does not have rotating part. Application of Static Equipment is broadly used in Process Industry which cover, Refinery, Chemical & Fertilizer Plant.
The purpose of Static Equipment is to hold the fluid generally at a pressure in an enclosed container, for storage or for any reaction/process to take place in the container. Large volume of liquid at atmospheric pressure is store in “Tank”.
Static Equipments are classified in different ways.

1. Based on Container shape
Spherical Vessel, also known as Horton Sphere
Cylindrical Vessel
Rectangular vessel
2. Based on Application
a. Pressure Vessel - for storage or for some process operation
b. Heat Exchanger – for transfer of heat
c. Distillation Column – for heat and mass transfer
d. Reactor – for any kind of thermal and/or chemical reaction.
For the design and manufacturing of Static Equipments various codes and standards are used which have been adopted by different countries. But in majority ASME Section VIII Division 1 & 2 code is used. This code specify the minimum requirement that need to be followed, in design, material, fabrication and testing of Static Equipment for its safe operation. Some of other international codes that are used are:
PD 5500
AD Markbalter